REVEALED: The 5 SECRET Ingredients Of The Red Tea Detox Which Has Proven To Burn Fat Like Crazy!

Tuesday, July 28th, 2020
Have You Heard Of The Red Tea Detox? Are You Looking For An Inexpensive Natural Way To Lose Weight? Are You Tired Of Diet Plans That Simply Don’t Work?

What many frustrated dieters are now realizing, is that the Red Tea Detox may possibly be the best solution for their weight loss problems. Are you someone, who has struggled to understand why everything you’ve tried in the past, hasn’t worked for you. Does this sound familiar? You’ve suffered through too many fat loss failures, and there’s a very good reason for this. The biggest mistake that most will make, is ask their doctor for advice on how to lose weight.

The problem is, that doctors aren’t dietitians. They’re not informed and often wrong when it comes to giving weight loss advice. What they’ll usually say is… “You’re not working hard enough,” when in reality, you’re doing everything that you’re supposed to be doing.

With the Red Tea Detox, losing weight becomes a natural process. By drinking this tea, what you’ll begin to do, is switch from carbohydrate burning to high-octane fat burning, which is similar to flipping a light switch.

The Benefits Of Red Tea Detox

Red Tea Detox is proven to block uncontrollable hunger pangs and cravings
● It prevents massive mood swings and irritability that’s caused by low blood sugar
● It eliminates “rebound weight gain” which is triggered by skipping meals, and…
● It boosts energy levels without you getting tired in the afternoon

The Red Tea Detox program will naturally flush away fat. Once drinking this delicious 5 ingredient red tea, it’s shown to lower high blood pressure, as well as lowering “bad” cholesterol levels.

To make the tea yet more effective, what’s accompanied is a complete 14 day detox plan, which takes full advantage of the Red Tea formula. What’s also included are several effective weight loss principles, which maximizes the amount of fat you can lose.

Three Proven Weight Loss Principles

Two of the following three principles, are against how most doctors claim you should be losing weight. But once you combine them with the Red Tea Detox program, what they provide are excellent results for struggling dieters.

• Principle 1 – Eat MORE Weigh LESS
What the old rules of dieting have been telling you, is to eat less to lose weight. What you then end up feeling is deprived and starved, by eating tiny tasteless portions. You can forget all this, as the Red Tea Detox plan allows you to eat more of the foods that you love.

• Principle 2 – Reduce STRESS Restore Hormone BALANCE
This rule, is about reducing your chronically high stress and anxiety levels, while balancing out your hormone levels. The Red Tea Detox program, results in you feeling calmer while losing fat and weighing less.

• Principle 3 – Exercise LESS Lose MORE Weight
One recent breakthrough, is what scientists are calling the exercise “sweet spot.” This sweet spot, is the exercise intensity level, where the full fat-burning potential of your body is unleashed.

This is the exact point, when your body begins to draw on its fat stores for fuel. So as a result, what you’re doing is NOT exercising harder, but smarter.

When doing this right, the accumulated fat stores under your skin will begin to melt, as the excess pounds disappear, allowing you to drop a few dress or pant sizes in as little as 2 weeks. Your entire body then becomes firmer, sexier and trimmer.

Sadly, what most people are doing however, is eating too little while exercising too much, which leaves them exhausted, and works against their fat loss efforts.

Why “Dieting” Is Dead

Did you know that dieting is dead? Do you realize that the word “diet” is now considered a dirty taboo word by most, who wants to lose weight and get healthier?

Don’t you want feel better about your weight loss efforts and health regimes? Did you know that “detoxing” has replaced “dieting,” as the weight loss system of choice, for those looking to shed their unwanted pounds.

The Red Tea Detox System, is altering every traditional weight loss and dieting fad around. You can’t fail with this program. Once you begin to drink it regularly, and follow the simple rules, you can quickly shed the pounds that you’re wanting.

It’s not just a unique tea recipe. It’s also a complete system, which allows you to wear those clothes that you once loved to wear, while having the energy to do whatever you want.

The great thing about The Red Tea Detox, is that it’s based on more than a decade of research, and close to three years of real-world testing.

It’s a complete weight loss program that’s designed for everyone, which detoxes the body to “flush away” the unwanted fat, this regardless of how much or how little weight you want to lose.

The 5 “Secret” Ingredients Of The Red Tea Detox

Another great thing about Red Tea Detox, is that you can prepare it by using ingredients that you most likely have in your kitchen right now. If you don’t, they’re definitely available at the local grocery store.

There are five natural ingredients that are used in the tea, and once combined, has proven to accelerate metabolism and burn fat.

Secret Ingredient #1 – This ingredient is called the incredible fat-cell shrinker. It contains a unique bioflavonoid, which reduces stress hormones that contributes to hunger and the storage of fat, while increasing glucose uptake, to help balance out blood sugar levels and insulin resistance.

What this results in, is you’ll feel a lot more energized while you get thinner, as this ingredient has proven to inhibit the production of new fat cells.

What this ingredient’s powerful antioxidant properties does, is protects the liver against damage, which helps in reducing cholesterol, while improving mood.

What this ingredient needs however, is to be mixed at the exact proportion for it to be effective, and the reason why you need to download the recipe. Otherwise, you won’t get the results that you’re wanting.

Secret Ingredient #2 – What the 2nd ingredient does is decreases calorie intake, with a mechanism that works by blocking dietary fat digestion, and then acting as an antioxidant while reducing inflammation. It also provides the feeling of being full, while naturally enhancing glucose and fat metabolism.

So what happens is you’ll end up burning more fat, while absorbing fewer calories. This is important, because you can continue to eat the foods that you love, and the body will just simply absorb fewer calories, making it easier to lose weight.

Secret Ingredient #3 – The 3rd ingredient increases blood flow, while stimulating the secretion of adrenaline, this to boost the metabolic fat-burning rate, which improves your insulin sensitivity while lowering cholesterol.

It also acts as an excellent detoxifier, while helping the digestive system clear food away faster, which helps in keeping the entire body cleaner.

Secret Ingredient #4 – The 4th unique ingredient works as a diuretic. So it promotes urine flow, without altering the excretion of sodium and potassium, so it won’t cause dehydration. This is found to be the key and critical point, when it comes to detoxing the body the right way.

What it does is promotes the proper functioning of the kidneys and the liver, while increasing the levels of various enzymes in the digestive tract. What it does is helps improve digestion, while flushing out the unwanted fat.

Secret Ingredient #5 – The final unique ingredient that’s added to the Red Tea Detox formula, is to help the body metabolize carbohydrates more effectively.

What it’s proven to do, is lower insulin resistance while stimulating metabolism, which helps prevent increased fat storage, this by ensuring that lower blood sugar levels are maintained.

What this special unique natural spice does, is improves the speed of digestion, while giving relief from gas and bloating in the stomach. This is also the ingredient which makes the red tea taste delicious, a tad sweet, while adding an incredibly powerful fat-burning boost as well!

NOTE: What’s found is that you need to blend these ingredients in the exact proportions, for them to work in tandem and be effective. By just combining them together without the recipe, you won’t benefit from the body detoxing, fat-burning, energy-boosting effects that you’re wanting.

The Red Tea Detox

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