Learn How I Was Able To Drop 7 Dress Sizes By Drinking This Weird 5 Ingredient Brew

Friday, July 31st, 2020
Hello, This is Sarah. Please Read My Story And Message On How I Lost My Unwanted Pounds By Using A Safe Simple Sensible Weight Loss Plan… The Red Tea Detox™.

Being fat is not longer a concern of mine. My name is Sarah Livingstone, and in the fall of 2013 I weighed 56 pounds more than I do today.

It was Christmas, yes, that time of the year. Right after the excitement of a marriage proposal, I began planning our wedding. First on the list was the wedding dress, and to fit in it the way that I wanted to, I knew losing weight would have to be the first step.

The Day I Found Out Diets Are Dead
Did you know that dieting is dead? Do you realize that the word “diet” is now considered a dirty taboo word by most, who are wanting to lose weight and get healthier? This is if you’re wanting to feel better about your weight loss efforts and health regimes. Did you know that “detoxing” has replaced “dieting,” as the weight loss system of choice, for those looking to shed their unwanted pounds.

So I bought a scale and (gasp) bravely stepped on it. To my horror, I weighed more than I ever had in my entire life! While growing up, I had never been a very thin person by any stretch, but I had never weighed in at 172 pounds.

In the five years that I dated my now husband, I had gained as well as lost more weight than I could count. But, I had always stayed within a respectable 25 or so pounds for years. When Mark proposed to me, I had embarrassingly weighted more than 39 pounds than when we first met.

Take A Look At Me Now
When my friends and others seen an old picture of me, I’ve heard numerous times that I now look like a completely different person. What’s more important, is that I feel completely different. That’s because I am a different person.

In the past four years or so, a lot has changed than the scales themselves. The way that I look at my health, as well as the food that I now eat, has drastically changed more than I can describe.

Diet On Diet Off
I was the type of person who was either always on that new fad diet, and then quit and ate whatever I wanted to. There never seemed to be an in-between period. I felt that not eating every single food item that I craved, I was depraving myself. The basic idea of simply eating healthy as a way of life, was completely foreign to me.

The Road To Skinny Began
My journey then began in the hopes of losing some weight, and I vowed to keep it off for good. But what had unintentionally happened, was a lot more profound than trying to fit into that wedding dress. I had learned to look at food, in a completely different way.

My weight loss journey initially began with an infamous diet, that nearly every dieter has probably tried or heard of at one time or another. One which I won’t name or slam … but let’s say I began eating a lot of meat, and a lot less bread.

I then lost 31 pounds. But shortly after, I began to face a host of health issues, which left me looking hard at what type of food I was putting in my body.

I then decided to go the natural route, and felt a lot of improvement in my health than I ever did from taking any type of pill or fad. During that time, I was able to lose another 22 pounds, and while I did feel better, I still experienced rough bouts.

My health issues eventually led me to do some food sensitivity testing, which explains why I now don’t eat certain foods, unless they are made fresh in my own kitchen. My food selection does not include the following: lactose, gluten or soy.

Seriously. I Don’t Mind

If the Sarah of 2013, met the Sarah of today, I would feel for certain that she would feel sorry for me. She would be feeling that the Sarah of today was missing out on something.

Well, I’m not. I have learned a lot more about myself, have grown spiritually, as well as ultimately changing in ways that I could have never imagined, without the struggles I went through in the past four years.

The weight loss in my opinion, is the symptom of a mind that has changed forever, along with a cupboard full of food that will never be the same, ever again.

While the way that I choose to eat now is less than convenient when compared to how others eat, and although it does require some planning, it is shockingly doable.

This is coming from a woman who was once full of excuses, for why I “fully deserved” just one more bite, or needed that ‘sweet’ treat after a hard day. It was quite a feat, to find myself making excuses not to cheat. There was a transformation in my perspective, that suddenly happened when I wasn’t exactly expecting it.

My Weight Loss Secret Revealed – Liz Swann Miller’s Red Tea Detox™

Know that dieting is dead. Know that the word “diet” is now considered a dirty word by most, who needs to lose weight and get healthier. Instead, what everyone wants is to feel better about their efforts and health regimes. So “detoxing” has replaced “dieting” as the weight loss system of choice, for those looking to shed their unwanted pounds.

Red Tea Detox™ is a program with a bit of a twist. It is a solution to weight loss that doesn’t involve strenuous exercise, crazy diet pills, intense eating plans, or starving yourself. There’s nothing more effective to burn fat and slim down, than by drinking this special red tea recipe.

What Is The Red Tea Detox
The Red Tea Detox program is the first step you need to take, before going on any diet or weight loss program, for it to be effective. The following is what the program contains:
• It’s based on over a decade of research, and tested on over 500 different clinical studies, along with 3 years of real world testing
• It was created by Liz Swann Miller, who is a best selling author as a professional practicing Naturopath
• What the program contains, is a secret recipe for a special blend of tea that will boost metabolism, detox your system, while burning stubborn fat cells in the body
• The reason why you need to detoxify your body first, before attempting any weight loss effort, is because your metabolism isn’t then held back by harmful toxins
• There’s also an effective exercise and eating plan that’s included, information on how you can optimize your routine in order to lose weight quicker

Who Is The Author Of Red Tea Detox?
Her name is Liz Swann Miller. The following information is supplied by her bio:
• She lives in Mount Carmel, Israel, with her 2 daughters
• She has over 10 years of experience specializing in nutrition as a practicing Naturopath
• She has two degrees – one in Naturopathy and the other in Psychology
• She was overweight herself in her teens and 20s, and decided to figure out how to lose her weight naturally and why she wrote this book

The Red Tea Detox

Overview Of The Red Tea Detox Program

The red tea recipe comprises of 5 herbal ingredients. It’s these unique and secret natural ingredients which works in tandem to help unlock the stubborn fat cells, which resides within the body. What the tea does, is releases all the hard to lose fat deposits.

What’s Included
• A complete concise 14 day meal plan, which contains recipes of delicious snacks that are designed to help you combat any cravings
• An exercise regime which will help you accelerate your fat burning results, which allows for more fat loss in less time
• A guide which helps you develop the right mindset and motivation, this in order to lose the maximum amount of weight that you’re wanting

Benefits Of The Red Tea Detox Program
• This red tea solution does not contain fats or carbohydrates, so you can drink as many cups as you want, this without worrying about adding calories
• The flavor of this red tea is mild and slightly sweet, making it enjoyable to drink
• It does not contain oxalic acid, which is known to develop kidney stones for some, when drinking black or green tea
• Red tea detox also has low tannin levels, making it healthier than black or green tea which contains higher amounts
• It’s loaded with antioxidants, so it can help fight oxidative damage that’s caused by toxins in the body
• Drinking this red tea can help reduce hunger pangs, which lowers your cravings throughout the day
• The program is suitable for both males or females, young and old, those who are slightly overweight or obese
• The red tea solution is rich in polyphenols, which helps reduce inflammation in the body
• It lowers blood pressure and reduces the risk of hypertension along with other heart issues
• It helps improve bone health along with bone mass, by increasing the bioavailability of minerals in the body
• It balances out blood sugar, which is the key to fight off or reduce diabetes
• The Red Tea Detox is found to keep the skin supple. There are some who has applied red tea powder directly on their skin, this to relieve acne breakouts or sunburn, or just to give the skin a healthy glow

Try The Red Tea Detox
The Red Tea Detox™ program is a simple solution of just drinking this fortified red tea, according to the recipe that’s supplied. This to effectively detox the body, which is usually the roadblock from losing stubborn body fat, regardless of the type of weight loss program or diet you are using.

Watch The Story On How Liz Swann Miller Developed The Red Tea Detox™ Program

Believe Yourself Thin First

It’s a shift in mindset once you take this information, and share it with others who needs to hang in there, for those who needs your support. This is for someone who needs a friend, a hug, some encouragement, but first, apply it to yourself.

This in the sincere hopes that you see the light at the end of the tunnel, and that it’s not the ice cream truck, lol. It doesn’t matter how old you are, what our jobs are, how rich we are, or what are goals are. Each of us are looking for better health, and we all hope to achieve it.

My hope is that you can find the strength, so you can identify what you need to do. This from within, and it’s up to you and only you. You need to garner the inner strength and inspiration right now to lose that weight, and keep it off.

It’s my hope that regardless if your weight scales never change, at least that your mindset does. That you will do whatever it takes, to get healthier than you are today.

I know all the excuses, as I have made a lot of them, the hundreds of reasons why you don’t take better care of yourself. This year, today, right now, take a moment to count the number of people who you love, loves you, who depends on you.

Every single one of them, is a reason why you should get healthier and stay that way. Every single person who relies on you, is more important than all of the pathetic excuses that you make. CLICK Here To Read Testimonials.

Sincerely yours…
Sarah Livingstone