Can Doing A Colon Cleanse Really Help Me If I Want To Lose Weight

Saturday, February 22nd, 2020
Millions of Americans who starts the latest greatest diet craze on the market, or that trendy new exercise program, thinking that they’re on the fast track to permanent weight loss, still fail. The reason being that most are missing a vitally important cleansing step.

All they want is their fat to cry. Many will try and try again, diet after diet, but what weight they do lose, eventually comes back in spades. Then they go from one weight loss plan to another without success, resulting in that yo-yo effect. Most think that all they need is to exercise and diet, to lose the weight they want.

Do You Constantly Feel Bloated? Every Diet You Try Never Seems To Work? Are You Constantly Fatigued And Have Massive Mood Swings?

This may be possible if you’re relatively fit, in reasonably good shape, and are needing to lose just a few pounds. Then these “off-the-shelf” diets may work.

But for the majority, it’s found that losing weight isn’t that easy, that this simple formula of eating less or healthier and exercising your buns off, just doesn’t work. Try as you might over and over again.

The Key To Weight Loss

It’s been found that one of the key factors when it comes to successful permanent weight loss is by doing a certain cleanse, and this is detoxing the colon.

What most don’t understand is why the colon needs to be cleansed, so as a result, doing so may sound strange to them. They wonder what losing weight has to do with a clean colon.

So what needs to be realized is the function of the colon, this along with the consequences of one that’s backed up. It’s found that not only will it prevent you from losing weight, but a clogged colon will cause a whole host of other symptoms such as:

• Constant feelings of being chronically tired and sluggish
Interrupted sleep patterns
• Sudden or excessive weight gain
• Constant joint and muscle ache pain
• Premature aging and wrinkling of the skin
• Sudden or unexplained skin rashes
• Episodes of diarrhea or constipation
Stomach gas and bloating
Headaches and moodiness

These are just a few of the symptoms which are caused by a plugged up toxic colon. But the question remains, what does the colon have to do with weight loss.

The Role Of The Colon

When the colon is functioning normally, the food that we ingest in the stomach gets broken down and then flushed out efficiently. All of the nutrients are properly absorbed by both the small and large intestines.

What the friendly flora does is it produces B-vitamins along with nutrients which are sent to all the regions of the body, all the cells being nourished.

This normal functioning of the colon produces the hormones that we need, along with keeping our metabolism high, which is an important component for effective weight management.

The Obese Nation

All that we need is to look at the evidence, those people around us. We are the byproduct of today’s environment. We absorb all of the toxicity that’s been used from all the preservatives and chemicals found in our food. It’s our bodies that take the brunt of the damage.

Our food is constantly being altered and not always for the better. The mass production of food by big business, for the purpose of extending their shelf life, results in preservatives being added to the food supply.

The food industry has successfully reinvented how food is being manufactured, constantly altering them with harmful additives, robbing them of their originally intended natural wholesomeness.

What’s added are preservatives, food dyes, coloring, and chemicals which dramatically reduces the quality of the foods we eat. What doing so produces is more profit, all this at the expense of our health.

Just look around, all you see is an obese tired nation of people. We’re fed foods which are stripped of their nutrients. Foods such as white flour, pasta, white rice, dairy products, fatty meats, and preserved deli meats full of sodium nitrate, all empty all unhealthy.

How Our Body Absorbs The Damage

What these foods are doing is wreaking havoc on our digestive system. It’s known that any type of food we consume should be digested and flushed out of our body in 2 to 3 days. But with processed foods, it can take up to 5 or 6 days.

What all this undigested food does is it begins to clog up in the large intestines, making it extremely difficult for the body to absorb the proper nutrients it needs.

As it gets backed up, similar to a clogged septic tank, the gunk gets further caked on, and this food stuff becomes toxic as it gets stuck on the stomach walls, making it difficult to remove.

What’s shocking is that all this food substance could add anywhere from 5 to 20 pounds of unneeded hidden weight to our body, while also narrowing the passageways so that elimination becomes difficult.

The Dangers Of A Congested Intestinal Tract

Most take their body and how it functions, for granted. Garbage In, Garbage Out. The effortless process of how it efficiently eliminates waste products from our body, this through the intestinal tract.

Most physical illnesses that we face, are caused by a build-up of waste material, which first accumulates and clogs up in the large intestine, also known as the colon. This gunk accumulates and leaks to other parts of the body, such as the kidneys, liver, heart, and lungs.

The reason for this is because most consume highly processed foods and saturated fats, which has no nutritional value whatsoever. As a result, the muscles surrounding the colon, has a difficult time moving this partially digested food mass, efficiently.

If this gooey substance remains in the colon for extended periods of time, it begins to harden, dry out, and cakes on the inside walls of the intestines. This accumulation of trapped wastage material, turns into a parasitic toxic substance.

These toxins, eventually finds its way into the blood stream and eventually the lymph, which causes the feelings of sluggishness, weight gain, and depression.

Other related complaints include diarrhea, constipation, bloating, dizziness, headaches, nausea, body odor, eye and ear disorders, and a weakened immune and nervous system.

A Healthy Functional Colon

What a healthy functional colon does is properly absorbs water, minerals and nutrients. The membrane of the colon however, is constantly impacted with plaque buildup, so it needs to be kept clean and healthy.

Once it’s unable to properly absorb and assimilate these minerals and nutrients, the organs of the body begins to suffocate and starve. Realize that most diseases, are deficiency disorders.

Disease and illness begins, once certain parts of the body starts to get rancid. The most common cause of being malnourished, is intestinal congestion. All this can be avoided by having a clean healthy colon.

Why You Need To Cleanse Your Body

Once you eat the typical foods which are available today, what you’ll feel is instantly full, this while simultaneously starving your body of the much needed nutrients it needs.

If the food that you eat continues to be poor, and the colon remains backed up, the body then becomes desperate, wanting to eliminate the toxic buildup somehow.

The body then places tremendous stress on the liver and the kidneys, while also attempting to rid of the toxins through the skin. This is the reason why rashes will suddenly appear on the skin, and the cause of premature wrinkling.

What a toxic colon also does is it slows down your metabolism, making it difficult to lose weight. So before starting any new diet, make sure that you remove all of the toxin buildup by cleansing out your colon.

Then you should begin to lose weight, this provided that you eat the proper foods, drink plenty of clean fresh water, and exercise. You’ll then finally begin to reach your weight loss goals.

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