10 Tips On Keeping Your Skin Soft And Supple In The HOT Glaring Summer Sun

Wednesday, July 8th, 2020
The long hot summer days are here, and is what everyone looks forward to the entire year. Lounging around and being lazy at the beach, napping on the hammock, as the sun persistently carves it’s glow on the skin, as the stresses of life melts away. Most will just go forward and indulge, seeking that deep dark luxurious tan, as the days become fun filled and carefree. What many will begin to do however, is ignore the welfare of their skin, not taking proper care of it during these times of extreme heat. What can occur, is that the skin can begin to wrinkle, look worn out, once it’s not cared for properly. What’s needed is better nourishment and protection.

4. Eat More Healthy

Keep in mind that summer is the most ideal time to naturally lose weight while staying in good shape, provided that you eat as healthy as possible, and not stray from your diet. Not only does it help the skin remain firm, eating healthy ensures the proper balance of the nutrients the body needs. So resist the temping summer foods such as the barbecue.

3. Drink Plenty Of Water

The skin needs to be properly hydrated, which will glow, this because there’s adequate blood flow that’s continuously circulating and flushing out and cleaning harmful toxins. What drinking enough water when it’s hot does is helps the body increase this blood flow, which gives your skin that radiant look the entire day. If you profusely sweat during hot weather, then make sure you replace it.

2. Easy On The Makeup

What the skin needs during the hot weather is to remain as natural as possible. So if you’re planning a day out in the sun, make sure that you minimize your makeup while going heavy on the suntan lotion. What excessive makeup will do is block the pores of the skin, and because it can’t breath properly when it sweats, it gets baked on which results in wrinkles.

1. Get Adequate Sleep

What you need during the hot summer days is adequate sleep at night, which might be a bit more difficult because of the heat, where you’re twisting and turning while sweating away. Try to get 7 to 8 hours of sleep every night, which is highly beneficial for the skin. What the heat will do is exhaust you out, but it becomes more difficult to get the sleep you need.


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